Carrie Hall

Carrie Hall

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Username * maiafay376
Country * USA
City White Lake
Nationality American


Availability: Freelance


i am mostly a colored pencil artist, and have been since highschool. I now use mixed mediums consisting of colored pensils and acylics (airbrushing as well.) Since I have been stuck in a house that does not allow "painting", it forced me to look to other ways of illustrating a piece. Hence the interest in digital. Back in the day, (lol) I used to scoff at digital artist and call them cheats--which I have since rectified that inaccurate assumption. It will take me as much time to draw a piece on photoshop as it does in colored pencil. I have been getting better, my times have improved at least. I am slowly learning the tircks of the trade (so-to-speak) and hope that my work continues to develop and improve swiflty.


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